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What are the different type of site?

logonb-html5The presentation site (showcase or design) is best suited to his activity by optimizing its SEO.
Together, we develop your corporate vision and the desire to bring out the best of your company. When we propose the creation of a website design, we bring as much importance to its look than its technical content. Indeed, we design websites that meet international Internet standards.

The dynamic site or site is often administered for presenting product catalog.
The choice of a dynamic site requires reflection as to its true function. It’s really a project to renew or products or daily news. However it should not be confused with a blog, because it does not have the same function nor the same perspectives. Despite their differences both sites require a database. The main advantage is to store important data without having to modify the layout. This is why the project should be maturely reflected in particular in the design of the graphic.

E-commerce site is a complex project that requires the same thought as the creation of a store. Investment and logistics are different, but it’s a real business creation, which must be supervised by a team of professionals for more profitability. The website creation E-commerce requires market research web marketing and communication strategy.

What website to choose its activity?

The various possibilities of the Internet site creation web material are either custom design in html5, css3 and php or use a CMS.

Benefits of a CMS

optimized platform for web SEO
Simple integration of a responsive design
A CMS is open source and constantly evolving
There is a large active community that develops new extensions
Ease of use for a company and its flexibility
customizable designs: Corporate, minimalist magazine ….

In order to choose the best site based on your real needs, we must ask the right questions, that’s why we can offer you several website design solutions, to be defined in your communication strategy.

Web marketing can anticipate and optimize your future positioning in the search engines.
The design and ergonomics are the identity of your site.
Web promotion to reach targeted customers and maximize traffic and sales on your website.